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If my question is not answered here and I get stuck is there someone I can e-mail for help?

Yes. During office hours (9 am – 5 pm UK local time Monday-Friday ONLY).

Remember we can sort out most queries very quickly by e-mail and do pick up e-mails outside of office hours. (Although please remember we are not awake 24 hours a day and may be in a very different time zone from you)

Our Terms and Conditions and other questions regarding our returns policy can be found at the bottom of our How to Orderdocument

Making an order

Please also read through our ‘How to Order’ document if your question is not answered here.

I’ve lost my password how do I access my account?

You can go to the on-line store and click the login in the top right of the page. Click “forgot your password?” and enter your email address and the security code, then click “send password”. You will receive a new temporary password by email and further instructions.

On rare occasions (usually local spam filters or your internet providers filters) your new password email may be blocked. If your new password is not received within 12 hours contact us direct by e-mail and we can issue you with a new password. You will also need to provide your full name and the first line of your address. For security reasons your e-mail address will be verified before a replacement password is issued. If we are unable to verify your details from this we may need to contact you.

Can I add to my order after it is placed?

No, not if the order has been placed and paid for on-line. As an added security we do not receive your card details for on-line order payments, (you deal directly with PayPal) and we are not able to alter the amount you have paid.

I cannot 'log in' to my account/I am experiencing difficulties placing my order what can I do?

If you experience problems logging in this may be because you are entering our site via a 'favourite place' or 'bookmark' on your Internet Service Provider's screen, try entering our site directly through Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox or another browser. If this fails then please contact us by e-mail.

If you experience problems placing an order then please send us the order by e-mail (including quantities required) and if possible using our product codes so we can reserve the items for you immediately (this saves time and e-mails, for example to clarify which pattern/yarn you require, as we may have more than one with similar names). We will then send you a PayPal invoice with a link to a payment page on PayPal. Please DO NOT send us credit card information we are NOT able to process this, and e-mails are not secure.

Please remember that your if your e-mail order is placed overnight (UK local time), it may not be collected until the following morning. 

The item I want is not in stock, can I order one?

You will need to e-mail us with the details of the item you require and we will let you know when the item is likely to be back in stock. We can give you more details when you contact us. Please note however that if we do not make the item you require, you may have to wait until we re-order from the manufacturer or until the manufacturer of the item can supply us, and we may not be restocking items made by other miniaturists or One-of-a-kind miniatures. However, it is our policy that you will only be billed once the goods are ready for despatch.

Note: If the out of stock item you require is marked as Limited Stocks or dicontinued, we are unlikely to have further stocks of that item. We are not able to take orders for knitted or crochet items due to the time it takes to make the items.

I am a member of a dolls house club, can we place a bulk order at cheaper prices?

Yes, but the club secretary will need to organise your order and contact us. A discounted price is only available on certain of our own items, full details and how to order will be sent when your club applies. You will not receive a discounted price for any goods if the order is placed through the web shop as a normal order.

Can you send me measurements of an item before I buy it?

Yes, we can supply full measurements of all items, please e-mail us with the product code (found in bottom left hand corner of the main screen for the product) of the item you wish measured. We are very strict about scale and the item's scale this will be noted on the item on the web shop/catalogue to allow for comparisons.

Is there VAT on the prices?

We are not currently registered for VAT so all prices shown on this web shop are tax free.

Shopping basket

How long can I leave items in my shopping basket?

The items may remain in your shopping basket for up to 24 hours, but do be aware that items are not reserved for you until your order is placed. For restricted stock items therefore it is still possible for these to become out of stock during this time, so check availability of all items you want to buy BEFORE placing your order. Also be aware that some browsers will delete the items in your shopping basket when you exit the site.

How do I remove an item from my shopping basket?

This can be done by looking at your shopping basket, click on the view basket tab at the top left of the page:

view cart 

This will open a new screen showing the contents of your basket:

change cart contents

You can then delete items by clicking on the X to the left of the photo as highlighted in the top red circle or change the number of items required by changing the number in the box to the right of the X. If you change or delete an item you must click the ‘apply changes’ button at the bottom of the screen or your changes will not be saved.

Can I look at my existing/past orders?

Click ‘login’ at the top right of the screen and if you created a full customer account with a password then proceed to login. (If you did not create a full customer account when you placed your order you have chance to register now by clicking the button below the login and filling out the form this time with a password. Once registered you can access orders you have placed with us.)
Once you are logged in the screen will return to the homepage, but at the top right you can now click ‘Your account’ (highlighted in the photo above). This will take you to a new screen:

my account
There are four choices, click ‘order history’ to find out the status of current and details of past orders. You can also change your password or update your details by clicking the relevant links.

my account list

What is the difference between a full customer account and just paying for the order?

The main difference is that you can check all your orders, including current and past orders. You can change to a full customer account at any time by following the instructions in the question above. You do not need to have a full customer account to check on the status of an order placed with us, as you will be notified by e-mail of each change of status of your order. This e-mail will also contain a link which will allow you to check the status of your order as it progresses through the system.

Why does the total in stock remain the same when I add one to my basket?

The stock level will not decrease until you have actually PLACED your order.

I am having problems entering the security code on the registration page, what can I do?

If you are a Mac user and experience problems entering the Security code, try using lower case (little) letters instead of the capital letters shown, as this has worked for some customers. If you still experience problems then send us details of the items and quantities you require, plus the country the items will be delivered to (in order to calculate postage costs). We will then check stocks, reserve the items, send you a PayPal invoice and once the payment is made (by card or PayPal) your goods will be despatched.

Please note that we may not get back to you immediately, as we do not work 24 hours a day and goods may be purchased by other customers before we can reserve them.


Can I use more than one voucher code at a time?

No unfortunately only one voucher code can be used per order.

I don’t want to pay on-line with a credit card, can I telephone card details through to you?

No, we are no longer able to accept card payments by phone.

Can I pay by cheque or Postal Order?

No, this is no longer possible as many items are ONE OF A KIND and CANNOT be repeated, so we no longer accept payments by cheque/Postal Order, we therefore no longer have a Print order Form option. Greatly increased bank charges incurred when we process cheques/Postal Orders through the bank have made it no longer economically viable for us to accept payments by this method.

Prices are in Pounds Sterling (£/GBP) but my currency is Euros/dollars

All payments will be made in Pounds Sterling, but your credit/debit card company will convert this on your payment statement for you. If you wish to convert this to your own currency before ordering to get an idea of what you are paying then click here



How long before my order is despatched?

Your order will usually be processed and despatched within 3 to 4 days, however shipment will vary, but all orders will be shipped within 7 days of receipt of order. If due to unforeseen circumstances there is likely to be a delay in shipping you will be notified by e-mail and given the option to cancel the order.

At busy periods orders will be despatched as quickly as possible and we will try to maintain our normal delivery schedule whenever possible. Orders paid for via the web shop will always take priority.

How much does delivery cost?

We have tried to keep delivery charges as low as possible and we only ask for a small contribution from customers towards postage and packing costs. Full details of these costs can be found on our ‘Postage Rates' page.

Who will deliver my parcel? How are Overseas shipments made?

In the UK all parcels are sent out via Royal Mail and will usually require a signature on receipt. We are not able to add delivery instructions to the parcels, so please do not tell us to ‘leave the parcel in the shed’ for example.

Overseas parcels will be sent via Air Mail and may take between 10-28 working days to reach their destination, most will require a signature.

Can I have my order sent to a different address?

PLEASE NOTE: PayPal have instructed us (due to money laundering regulations), that we must ship your order to the address used when you make the payment via PayPal. If you are a PayPal member you can choose to have the parcel shipped to a different address on PayPal

General questions

Do you do a catalogue?

No, we no longer have a mail order cataogue, as many items are one of a kind. All items currently for sale are shown on this web site

Can you make needles in different lengths/sets of 5?

Yes. Although there are optimum lengths for all knitting needles, we can make needles to suit customers. The knitting needles we make are made to standard lengths as it has become apparent most people find these sizes convenient and longer needles unwieldy to knit with. We are also somewhat limited by length the steel wires we use to make the needles from. These needles will need to be ordered by e-mail and you may have to wait up to 28 days for us to make them, as all needles are individually handmade.

Which is better acrylic or wool?

This is purely down to personal preference. Most beginners start out with acrylic wool as it is more cost effective and allows more practice attempts to get used to miniature knitting. This topic is covered more fully on our blog pages.

Can you match colours to yarn I bought from you previously?

It depends how long ago you bought the item from us. Dye lots of yarn, as with full sized yarns, can vary and in some cases where colours are popular we may not be able to match yarns bought more than a few days ago. Most of our stocks are now very depleted and we may no longer have the colour you wish to buy. Therefore our best advice is to make sure you buy sufficient yarn/wool to complete your project at the time.

Why does Appleton's yarn look thicker than DMC yarn?

The yarns are the same thickness but the DMC yarns are spun much tighter than the Appletons yarns. Both are designed for tapestry work and are therefore very strong.

Can I buy instantly downloadable patterns?

Yes, ALL of our patterns are now available as instant downloads, but these are not available on this web shop

Our blog now carries the full range of our downloadable patterns, which are also available on our Ravelry store


Are patterns available in other languages?

Patterns are currently only available in English.


I have sent you an e-mail but have received no reply, why is this?

Yahoo!, Hotmail, gmail, AOL and most other free email providers, are using overly strong spam-blocking filters that will most probably stop you from receiving any emails from us.
Unless you set up your spam filters to allow emails from us, i.e ""  we can NOT guarantee you will receive an email back from us.
If you do not receive an email from us within 24 hours of sending yours, please make sure you check your bulk/spam folders first before sending us another message.

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