Advent Calendar 2019 – Day 1

© K L Powell 2018


NOTE: All abbreviations used in the pattern, photos, materials and important notes about the pattern were posted yesterday, please read through these before commencing project.



Note: If you are just working on the dress and not the overskirt, the knitting can be split over 24 days by working 6 to 7 rows a day (excluding belt).

Back (make 1)
Cast on 36 sts using contrast colour
Rows 1-4: k
Change to sst:
Rows 5-12:
Row 13: k 10, k2togtbl, k 12, k2tog, k 10. [34 sts]
Row 14: p
Rows 15-20: sst
Row 21: k 9, k2togtbl, k 12, k2tog, k 9. [32 sts]
Row 22: p

© Copyright Frances H. Powell 2019
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