Pen pals

miniature letters
© F H Powell 2013

Social networking. It seems this phrase is heard pretty much every day now. The internet has shrunk the world, metaphorically speaking. Now, our phones can text and email, our computers can chat and our web cams can beam moving images of us around the world. The social networking sites, if used responsibly, can be a great way of getting and keeping in touch. We are now used to instant contact and exchange of information.

Prior to the internet, social networking still went on, at a smaller and more sedate pace. For those who wanted to make new friends, possibly from outside of their own country, the pen pal network was the answer. Many publications carried pen pal services where people wanting to make new friends could write and their information could be passed on to the relevant type of person in the required country. This was a great way of learning new or improving on existing language skills. It was also a great morale boost for soldiers serving away from home. Once details had been exchanged and contact made it was up to the individuals to keep the friendship going. All this had to be done by mail but did have the benefit that the time taken not only in writing the letter, but also in getting the reply, meant that a lot of thought had to go into the content. Any omissions or mistakes could take days to correct!

With our next contact only the click of a mouse button away why not rediscover those pen pal days in your dolls house with (pen pal) letters available in both 1:12th and 1:24th scale from our web shop.