Buttercup blog now fully operational again

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We have recently slimmed down our main web site to one page, making the blog our main presence on the internet. This also included moving our webite/blog to a new host.

Apologies for the length of time the blog has been either down or incomplete. We unfortunately ran into some unforeseen problems when switching web hosts, including having to upload all the images individually, which took quite a while.

All the free patterns, which were previously available to download on our old web site, have now been moved to our Ravelry store and are now available for download from there. You will find the free patterns at the bottom of this page

Our Customer Gallery is now open for business again, so if you have any photos of items made from our patterns, which you would like to share, we’d love to see them. We’d also be interested to see if any more items made from our patterns win prizes at County or Village Fairs.

Thank you all for your patience and apologies again for any inconvenience.