Nature’s calendar

Pattern for jam jar xovers
© F H Powell 2015

Our lives are ruled by clocks and calendars. Whether it’s for TV programmes, dental appointments, holidays or simply the day to day cycle of life. Nature however, is not governed in this way and a case in point is the blackberry harvest in the UK.

The end of the blackberry (bramble) season is deemed to be Devil’s Blackberry Day,10th October. Until the change in the calendar in 1752, the 10th October was St Michaels Day (now 29th September) and legend has it that St Michael kicked the Devil out of heaven and he landed in a blackberry bush. Hence 10th October was known as the Devil’s Blackberry Day.

This year however the blackberries seem to have lost track of time. A walk along the hedgerows even in late September found the majority of berries withered and dying off. Add to that a generally poor apple harvest and the chances of storing pie fillings and jams away for the winter look quite poor.

If you are lucky enough to find a supply of berries at this late stage, or any other fruit you’d like to preserve, then storing jam in jars with our Fruit jam jar covers maybe just what you are looking for. We can offer both human sized and miniature versions of these patterns, simply click the links below for more details:

Knitted jam jar covers pattern
Crochet jam jar covers pattern
1:12th scale jam jar covers (and ovengloves) pattern

knitted jam jar covers
© F H Powell 2015