Free patterns and this years Advent Calendar

pdf pattern
© F H Powell 2011

There has been some discussion recently on social media about the merits of free patterns. Are they just the failed attempts by designers, that don’t make the grade to be patterns that are offered for sale? Whilst we can’t answer for others, we see free pattern as a method of introduction to knitting or crochet in general, and to Buttercup Miniatures in particular. It seems self defeating therefore, to use our free patterns like ‘cast-offs’ in an attempt to interest people in the hobby, and to us, by using below par patterns. It also helps you see the style of our pattern writing and how our patterns are laid out (as shown above).

We currently have over 40 free patterns, for both knitting and crochet, available in all scales. Download statistics show that the vast majority of our free patterns are regularly (anonymously) downloaded by people all over the world. We hope you enjoy our free patterns and find them rewarding. If this leads to a try before you buy scenario then that’s fine, if not then that’s your own free choice. But again, the free patterns have to be up to our usual high standards, as you only get one chance to make a first impression.

Since 2009 we have produced our Advent Calendar that is available for free from 1st December until 6th January the following year. This year will continue that tradition. If this seems a little early to be thinking about Christmas, don’t worry there will be plenty of reminders closer to the time. If you don’t want to miss out you can sign up here on our blog pages for e-mail reminders, which will be sent to you whenever a blog post is published, (you can of course unsubscribe at any time). Part of the fun for us is to see the wonderful items that you make using the patterns on our calendars and the various themes you develop each time. So, as usual, we’ll be inviting you to share your finished project with us on our Customer gallery here on our blog.

Hopefully, this blog will have explained our thinking behind releasing our free patterns. If you haven’t tried one, why not have a go? After all, what have you got to lose?