Adapting 1:12th scale knitting patterns for other scales

1:6th and 1:12th scale jumpers

We are frequently asked if our patterns can be adapted for different scales, such as a 1:12th pattern being used to make a 1:6th scale or 1:24th scale item.

Many household items will not need any adaptations to the pattern as written, apart from changing the size of the needles and the thickness of the yarn. We are not able to advise how much yarn you will require to knit items in other scales, this will have to be determined by trial and error.

As a general rule if the pattern calls for 1.00mm (UK size 19/US size 00000) knitting needles and 1-ply yarn use the following substitutions:

For 1:24th scale use 0.50 mm (UK size 24/US size 00000000) and No 80 crochet cotton or No 70 Tatting thread

For 1:6th scale use 2.00 mm (UK size 14/US size 0) and 3-ply or 4-ply yarn (US Light Fingering or Fingering yarn). You can use 1.50 mm (UK size 16/US 000) needles and 2-ply yarn/No 10 crochet cotton for a tighter fit, but please read the note below.

Note for adapting patterns from 1:12th to 1:6th scale clothing: you may need to add extra rows to the ribbing at sleeves and waist, as some 1:6th scale dolls do not have true human body proportions.

In the same way patterns designed for male dolls may be adapted to fit female dolls by knitting the garment as shown in the pattern, using the SAME yarn stated in the pattern, but using needles one to two sizes SMALLER.

Adapting 1:12th scale patterns to 1:16th scale has been covered in a previous post here