1:12th scale St. David’s Day cards – free project

miniature letter
© F H Powell 2010

Dydd Gŵyl Dewi Hapus!

Wishing everyone a Happy St David’s Day. This is celebrated on March 1st by Welsh people worldwide, as St David is the patron Saint of Wales.

In order to help your miniature celebrations we are offering a project to make two 1:12th scale St. David’s Day cards.

Additional requirements:
Paper to print out cards
Paper glue
Cocktail stick for envelopes

1. Print the two cards above onto plain white paper.
2. Cut around cards, inside black guide lines.
3. With the picture at the bottom right, fold cards vertically, so that the fold is to the left of the picture.
4. Glue the two halves together and leave to dry.
5. When the card is dry, fold the card along the top of the picture, so that the picture is on the front and the greeting is on the inside of the card.
6. Trim off any excess paper, to ensure neat edges.


1. Print envelopes, these may be printed on coloured paper as shown in photos.
2. Cut around envelope just inside black lines.
3. Fold the two sides of envelope inwards, along lines shown as red lines in picture.
4. Fold up base of envelope along line marked in green.
5. Run a very thin line of glue along underneath the EDGE of envelope flap from A to B as shown above and then from B to C.
6. Press lower flap of envelope onto the side flaps and stick down.
7. Insert cocktail stick into envelope and move it around gently to ensure the flaps of the envelope do not stick to the front of the envelope. This may need to be repeated if you have to press down flaps again to ensure they stick.
8. Leave to dry completely.
9. Fold down top flap of envelope, but DO NOT stick down

miniature letters
© F H Powell 2010


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These cards were originally sold on our web shop from 2008 to 2015

For scale information: the UK Penny coin used on the photos is just slightly larger than a US Cent coin. The actual diameter is ¾-inch or 2 cm. The UK penny coin sits just inside a European (Euro) 5c coin