How to work vertical colour changes

vertical coour changes
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When changing colours it is advisable to twist the two yarns before working the next colour. In vertical colour changes (which appear at the same place in every row, gaps can appear if the two colours are not twisted. The easiest way of working across a row where frequent colour changes are encountered is by wrapping the new colour around the old colour before making the next stitch. This simple ‘knot’, shown below, can be gently pulled up very close to the next stitch to be worked and will stop the stitches parting along rows of vertical colour changes:
how to twist yarn

The back of the work will look like this:
back of knitting

If the colour changes are worked in blocks of colour, rather than two colours being carried across the row, the yarns need only be twisted at each colour change on the right side rows. The example below used 3 separate balls of yarn to work each row in the areas with blocks of colour:

miniature knitting
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