An Idiot’s Guide to Miniature Knitting – part 2

working from a pattern
© F H Powell 2019

This is the second part of our three part series. for part one see here.

Introducing a pattern:


    Choose a 1:6th scale or 1:12th scale, don’t even think about knitting in 1:24th scale until you have been knitting in miniature for a few months.


    Start with something fairly simple with no shaping, like a blanket or cot cover. We offer a few simple free patterns on our blog and Ravelry pages for just this reason.


    Don’t expect to progress as fast as you would do in human sized knitting, it takes a lot longer to knit in miniature and you will need to concentrate a lot more. Most people are not aware that it can take just as long (if not longer) to knit a miniature jumper as it would to knit a full size human jumper.


    Sometimes it is easier to knit two or three rows and take a break, not something most people would usually do in human sized knitting.


    When you have mastered something simple, move on to something with a little shaping, again we have several free patterns for you to try.


    Then move on to some simple garments or household items. If you choose to work on a garment start with a pattern for an adult doll and until you are used to handling the needles and yarn, do not attempt patterns for children or baby dolls.


    If you do choose to work on a complex lace or Aran pattern, you may wish to try working the stitches in full size BEFORE you start working them in miniature, in order to familiarise yourself with the stitch pattern.


    All our patterns are graded for ability, but remember this means ability in MINIATURE knitting NOT full size. Once you are confident knitting these then are you ready for the tricky stuff like lace and Aran knitting.

Part 3 will follow next week