St Valentines Day, 14th February

heart coaster
© F H Powell 2014

In 2009 when we covered this subject we said that there were a number of possibilities for the root of this tradition. This year we’ll look at one of those roots as it has been passed on down the centuries.

Rome certainly lays a claim as the origin of St Valentine. In the 3rd century BC, under the reign of Emperor Claudius II, a priest called Valentine practiced and was often called upon to enact wedding ceremonies. Claudius decided that unmarried men made better soldiers than their married counterparts whose attention to duty would vie with concern for wives and family back home. Accordingly Claudius outlawed marriage for young men increasing in his mind the pool of available soldiers. Valentine thought this was wrong and continued to marry young lovers in secret. Sadly, his actions came to the attention of the Emperor and Valentine was put to death.

Valentine’s Day today is celebrated around the world by lovers and symbolic hearts are worn or exchanged.

We have several knitting and crochet patterns should you or your dolls/teddies wish to celebrate Valentine’s Day:

For Barbie style dolls:
1:6th scale Cariad cardigan

miniature knitted cardigan
© F H Powell 2020

1:6th scale Valentine’s jumpers
Miniature Valentine jumpers
© F H Powell 2019

For smaller dolls house dolls and bears:
1:12th scale heart jumper and skirt
Miniature knitting
© F H Powell 2014

Teddy heart jumper
teddy clothes
© F H Powell 2007

1:12th scale heart cushion
miniature knitted cushion
© F H Powell 2018

For your own home:
Heart within a heart doily
heart doily pattern
© F H Powell 2014