Sowing seeds

miniature seed tray
© F H Powell 2017

Any keen gardener will look forward to the time of year when the winter starts to give way to warmer weather. This, depending where you are in he world will vary, but wherever you are, the time to plan the garden and sow seeds is something to look forward too.

Hardy annuals, biennials, perennials, vegetables and fruits need different methods to get the best results. This article is not intended to discuss in detail the methods or merits of each available. There are numerous books and websites dedicated to the technical aspects of this. However, in general the better start in life the better the resulting plants will be.

One issue that confronts us is when and how to sow? How many times have we waited for the right weather conditions only to find rain or frosts has dashed our sowing attempts? For those with a greenhouse this presents less of a problem. But you don’t need a large space to erect a greenhouse these days. A three-feet by two-feet polythene coved mini greenhouse can accommodate quite a number of seed trays/pots and allow that earlier start with sowing. If that small an area is a problem then all is not lost, as a small seed tray or propagator on a window ledge will start your seeds off in a good manner.

Later we will need to think about moving the seedlings out of their original home and on into their final growing place. If you have been inspired to ‘get sowing’ then good luck with your efforts. But don’t forget the changing seasons in your dolls house. A seed tray on a table or in shed could add that touch of authenticity. See our web shop for an assortment of 1/12th scale seed packets and authentic 1/12th scale seed tray.