The Easter Bunny and Easter Eggs

Pattern for dells house bedding
© F H Powell 2017

Easter Sunday falls on different dates each year, this year it falls on 4th April. This timing was agreed at the Council of Nicaea (held in 325 AD), where Easter would be celebrated on the first Sunday following the first Full Moon occurring on or after the Spring Equinox

The traditions associated with rabbits and hares as signs of spring and fertility are very ancient, most of these traditions being closely associated with the farming year. The hare was an ancient sign of fertility and the rebirth of nature in the springtime. More ancient Spring rituals can be found in our previous blog.

miniature bedclothes and toy
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To German Lutherans the Easter Hare was originally a judge who decided whether children were good or bad, rather like Santa Claus, at the beginning of Eastertide. This Easter Hare carried a basket of eggs, which were given to good children. This tradition was eventually taken to the United States where children made nests in which the hare could lay the eggs. Edible Easter bunnies first appeared in Germany in the 1800’s taking the form of pastries rather than the more common chocolate shapes of today.

miniature crochet Easter egg basket
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You can download a free pattern to make the 1:12th scale crochet Easter Egg basket shown above here. If you wish to purchase the other patterns shown in the photos above – click on the photos to be taken to the pattern pages with full details of pattern and purchase options.