Advent Calendar 2021 – update 2

Advent calendar notice
© F H Powell 2021

We can now reveal that this years Advent Calendar will make a Ladies Poncho for a female doll. Depending on the materials and needles used the resulting poncho will knit up either in 1:6th scale (to fit a 11 to 12-inch female doll such as Barbie) or 1:12th scale for a 14 cm/5½-inch tall dolls house doll. You will have to wait until 1st December to see the actual poncho though. The SAME pattern can also be used to make a Cowl for yourself or your partner.

The pattern will be written rather than charted, with about 8-10 rows of pattern a day.
Full details of yarns, needles are posted here.

A small free pattern is offered here for those people who wish to practice the stitches used in this Advent Calendar.

We will not provide tutorials to go with the project, as has been done for the last few years, as most of the techniques have been covered previously in our hint and tips.

Special offers on patterns will again be offered during the Advent period, each lasting 24 hours. Just remember that the Advent Calendar pattern will be removed from this blog on 6th January 2022 and as previously, be offered as a paid pattern soon afterwards. So please collect all the parts before they are removed or be prepared to buy the pattern.