New web shop

web shop
© F H Powell 2008

We know from your comments and enquiries that the new web shop is eagerly anticipated. We are pleased to announce that the new web shop is live and can be found here

The new shop has many new functions that will hopefully make your shopping easier and more fun. A few of the new features are listed below:

– Existing registered customers do not need to register again. However, new customers now have the choice of registering or can shop and purchase on each visit to the shop.

– Ideas are prompted for you from the ‘people also bought this’ section. Similar or complimentary products to the one you are interested in are displayed.

– Card payments for credit/debit card transactions are simplified. A progress page on the Bank’s web site tells you how your transaction is progressing up to successful completion.

We’d like to thank all our customers for bearing with us while the web shop was upgraded and hope you find the new shop an even better shopping experience.