Candy Canes

miniature crochet
© F H Powell 200

These were first attributed to a kindly choirmaster in Cologne, Germany in the 1670’s who had sugar sticks made in the shape of a shepherds crook. These were given to children to suck on during the long Nativity services they were expected to attend. The idea soon spread throughout Europe and thence to America.

Over the years more symbolism was added to this humble sweet that started out as a kindness. Originally all white, the familiar red stripes were added at the turn of the 20th century. Traditionally this comprises three stripes, although the significance of the three stripes is debated as to whether they represent the Holy Trinity or blood flows from the Crucifixion.

Whatever the symbolism this simple act of kindness to keep children quiet and occupied during the services is worthy of the spirit of Christmas.

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