Aran Sweaters

These started life as fishermen’s shirts. They saw a revival in the 1950’s and are still popular as leisure wear today. Shown below are FP 55 (top) and FP 17 (below) These are often called Irish sweaters as well as Aran sweaters today.

miniature knitting
© F H Powell 2012
1:12th scale Aran sweater
miniature knitting
© F H Powell 2009
1:12th scale Aran sweater being knitted

Patterns are available for several mens Aran jumpers, although any man’s Aran sweater can be knitted on size 21 needles to fit a lady doll.

There is just one Aran pattern for Ladies at present, although as mentioned above any Mans sweater can be adapted for a lady.

miniature knitting
© F H Powell 2014

1:12th scale Aran sweater for a lady doll complete with Aran bag

There is only one child’s pattern owing to the large number of stitches being required for cable work.

miniature knitting
© F H Powell 2008