Buttercup Miniatures Group on Ravelry and how to join us

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Why not come and join us on Ravelry, where we have a Forum devoted to Buttercup Miniatures and miniatures in general?

You will then be among the first to hear of our new patterns and offers exclusive to Ravelry group members.

You can also join in with other members of the group in our Knit-a-longs (KAL’s) or Crochet-a-longs (CAL’s) where we choose a pattern to make as a group. By working together on the same pattern participants feel a sense of achievement and can show off the finished project to the group, ask for help/explanations etc or post photos of how far they are at any given point. Plus with everyone working at different speeds the faster people can also point out any potential problems or difficulties other people may encounter in the project.

The Buttercup Miniatures group is also a place where you can discuss patterns, see photos of projects made from patterns, chat with fellow miniature knitting and crochet enthusiasts, ask for help or simply read the posts made by other people. We even have a chat room should you wish to discuss something in detail with another member of the group.

In order to access the Buttercup Miniatures group on Ravelry, you will need to join Ravelry, if you are not already a member. This is completely free and if you knit or crochet (in any size) you will find Ravelry is a treasure chest of information, patterns and help.

To join Ravelry
1. Joining Ravelry is completely free and suitable for people of any age, but you will need to think of a user name for your account, names like ‘Mary’ or ‘Jane’ will probably have been used already, so have a few alternatives ready. (Do remember this name will be seen by everyone on Ravelry, so if you don’t wish to be known or referred to as ‘dancing hippo’ or ‘grumpy granny’ by other members of Ravelry don’t choose that user name).
2. You will also be asked to provide a password to access Ravelry.
3. To join Ravelry simply click on the image above to be taken to the Ravelry page.
4. Once on the Ravelry page, click the ‘Join now!’ button on the top right hand corner of this page (under the login boxes) and follow the simple instructions.

When you first join Ravelry you might find this page helpful: http://www.ravelry.com/tour/getting-started There is a video showing you all about Ravelry and how to do things, OK so it takes 7 minutes, but it might enhance your use of Ravelry.

To find the Buttercup Group
To save searching through lists of groups on Ravelry, log in to Ravelry with your username and password then click on the ‘Groups’ tab, which is found across the top of every Ravelry screen – sixth one along is Groups, and it will bring up a search page. Type Buttercup in the search box and click ‘search’. The search result brings up the Buttercup Group (at the moment the only result), now either click the picture of the buttercup or the heading Buttercup Miniatures and you will be taken to the front page of the Buttercup Miniatures group.

Once on the front page of the group, if you look at the top right hand corner of the screen just above the ‘chat room’ you will see a button which says ‘join this group’, if you wish to join the group click this button and you will become a member of the group.

To access the Buttercup Group again once you are a member of the group:
Log in to Ravelry, if you have not already done so. Then use either of these options to find the group:

A. Once you are a member of the Buttercup Miniatures group you will be able to find the group again, as it will now show up on your forums page. (Forums can be found on the tabs across the top of every Ravelry screen – fifth one along is forums, click this and it will bring up all the groups you belong to, everyone automatically belongs to certain groups in Ravelry, so the Buttercup group may be at the bottom of the page). Press the name Buttercup Miniatures on your Forums page, which will take you to the front page of the group, or if one of the topics in the boxes interests you click on this topic and it will take you straight to the posts. On the front page of the group you will find a long list of past and present topics (again click on any you want to read, treat it a little like opening a magazine to see the pages you want to look at).

B. Another way to access your groups is to go to the top right hand corner of any Ravelry screen where it says Hiya xxxx, Logout. Click on your username and it will bring up your profile page. If you have joined any groups, you look on the left hand column of this page and they will be listed under the heading I’m in xx groups. Click on the group you want to visit and it will take you to the front page of the group.

Don’t forget we also sell our instantly downloadable pdf patterns via Ravelry, where you can buy patterns for 1:12th and 1:24th scale miniatures, clothes for mini teddies and also for regular sized household items. Please check the scale/size of the item you are buying BEFORE purchase, as the pdf purchases are not refundable.
NOTE: You do not need to be a member of Ravelry to buy these patterns