Heartbleed security issue

There has been a large amount in the media recently about Heartbleed and the susceptibility of web sites to security breaches caused by it. As miniaturists we don’t claim to be experts in the in’s and out’s of web site security, which is why we use experts to host and maintain our web site and web shop. Specialist web site security analysts can test individual web sites and their level of security. Qualys SSL Labs is one such site and we have used their testing on our own sites.

What we can say is:

PayPal and Ravelry were not vulnerable to the Heartbleed security issue.
Our own web shop tested as secure to Heartbleed attacks.

As we have said many times in the past we take our customers online security seriously and will continue to do so. By using PayPal’s secure payment system and by maintaining high levels of security on our own sites we try to provide the best level of confidence in on-line shopping that we can.

No doubt there will be future concerns raised over internet security and no one can give 100% guarantees, but at the moment we are as satisfied as we can be, that the Heartbleed security issue should not be a concern to users of our web shop or Ravelry store.