1:12th scale crochet patterns for the Victorian dolls house – part 1

Crochet work was extremely popular during Victorian times, but was usually worked using very fine threads and hooks. Unfortunately when working in miniature it is difficult to recreate this very delicate work, however we have designed a some 1:12th scale crochet patterns which are representative of this period. It must also be remembered that this era lasted over 60 years and fashions changed throughout this period. For example Victorian drawing rooms became quite cluttered and over decorated towards the end of the era, with every item of furniture being adorned with crochet work. Tablecloths were often floor length, but bed covers were short and just covered the mattress at the sides. Although crochet decoration was also common on clothing, it is extremely difficult to reproduce the fine work in miniature, so we have not designed any patterns for crochet clothing.

The following patterns are available to buy as instantly downloadable PDFs (click the pattern names for more details):
CP 1 1:12th scale jug and bowl covers

miniature jug and bowl covers
© F H Powell 2007

These would be common in all houses to keep flies, etc out of food and drinks.

CP 2 Stiffened bowls

miniature crochet
© F H Powell 2014

As the era progressesd Victorians became more experimental with their crochet and stiffened work became commonplace.

CP 17 1:12th scale Victorian mantel cover, mats and fan

miniature crochet
© F H Powell 2014

Everything was adorned with crochet work and fires were often caused by these mantel covers becoming too hot.