An e-mail from Heather

We received this e-mail yesterday:

Since the comments are closed on the blog, I just had to drop a note and say how much I enjoyed the blog post on pancakes. My mother was born in England and her family came to Canada when she was three. A tradition for us was to eat what we called “big pancakes” (as opposed to a flapjack style pancake). I have taken to calling them “English pancakes” because many people here in Canada have tried to call them crepes. I have explained that while they are created in a similar way, they are a little thicker than the traditional French crepes. We always eat them with sugar (brown in our family) and lemon juice. People here think you are a little nutty when you don’t eat maple syrup on a pancake, but in fact the only type of syrup I will tolerate on these delicious pancakes is similar to treacle, a cane sugar syrup that is easier to find than treacle. But since my grandmother’s recipe for these pancakes also doubled as her recipe for Yorkshire Pudding, we have eaten treacle on those as a dessert if there were any left over from supper. I may just have to make some today as now I will not be able to get them out of my head!

I love your blog, I love your store (have made a few purchases in fact). The maternity designs made me positively swoon!

Keep up the great work! I cannot wait to visit England again – finding miniatures will be my mission when I am there!