Miniature knitting – getting started

miniature knitting kit
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If you are not a miniature knitter and have thought about starting, this article may be of interest to you.

The two major concerns beginners have are:
· How easy is it to convert from full sized knitting?
· Where do I get the yarn, needles and patterns from?
With these points in mind we have compiled a hints and tips guide for beginners and even knitting kits which come with all you need to get started.

Hints and tips
A section of our blog pages is dedicated to hints and tips for knitting and crocheting in miniature. There is a dedicated article, Beginners Guide to Knitting in Miniature which starts from the assumption that you are already able to knit in full size. There are also articles on a wide range of subjects that explain about knitting techniques, yarns, needles and even how to stiffen completed crocheted work.

Another area of concern for beginners is how to buy the right needles and yarns to get started. Here again we can help. We have a number of kits that come complete with needles, sufficient yarn and pattern for either miniature clothes or household items. Some of theses kits are designed for beginners and are clearly marked as such. Beginner in this case does not mean a beginner to knitting, but to knitting in miniature. These kits are available from our web shop.
Many people find miniature knitting addictive and move on to more complex projects and a whole range of patterns and yarns are available from us as you progress. The knitting kit is a great way to test the water and if it turns out miniature knitting is not for you then you’ll not be left with a work basket full of expensive oddments.