Discontinuation of printed paper patterns

printed pattern
© F H Powell 2008

In July 2011, due to customer requests, we began selling our knitting and crochet patterns as a digital instant download via Ravelry. This has proved popular for a number of reasons including a cheaper price, easier to read, instant availability with no transport costs or environmental impact.

In December 2014 we added LoveKnitting to our digital suppliers. The popularity of instantly available digital downloadable patterns meant that we took the decision in April 2014 to make all new patterns available in digital downloadable format only.

The continued popularity of digital patterns now means that the requirement for printed paper patterns from our web shop is virtually nil. Consequently, with effect from today, we are discontinuing printed paper patterns from our web shop completely. The only exception will be for knitting kits where a printed paper pattern will continue to be included with the kit.

Our full range of knitting and crochet patterns will continue to be available, along with all new patterns, both from here on our blog pages or via Ravelry and LoveKniting.

New patterns will be announced on our blog pages as they become available. If you wish to sign up for e-mail notifications on this blog just enter your e-mail address in the box in the ‘Subscribe to blog via e-mail’ section on the right hand column of the page.