How to work short rows on front shaping

Sometimes it is necessary to work a few extra rows to give shape to the front of a garment, in miniature this is often best worked by short rows, as this gives no loose ends which then need to be sewn in.

So to work the following:

Row 28: yrn, sl 1, p 12, turn,

Wind the yarn around the needle as shown below:
working stitch
Slip the next stitch from one needle to the next, in the same way as you would purl the stitch, this tightens up the yrn, purl the next 12 stitches normally and then turn the work around so the front of the work is facing you for the next row:

Row 29: k 9, turn,

So knit 9 stitches and then turn the work so the back of the work is facing you
Continue working in this way until all the short rows have been completed.

The work will appear as if there are gaps in the knitting as shown below:

For the next row:

Row 33: (k 3, k2tog) three times, k to end. [30 sts]

So knit 3 stitches as normal then the two sts which are worked together as the k2tog, are the yrn of previous row and the next stitch. (This will avoid any unsightly holes in the work on the shaping rows)

The back of your work will now look something like this:
Do not worry about the ‘loops’.
and the front should look like this: