Introduction to knitting and crochet in miniature – part 3

miniature knitting
© F H Powell 2013


No matter how experienced you are mistakes will happen. If a mistake does occur, it is often easier to start again than try and correct mistakes or pick up dropped stitches. This may seem extreme, but in small scales even a few picked up stitches will be noticeable.

Finishing an item

Once you have finished the knitting or crochet, it often pays to take time to block or dress the item before sewing it up. If you are using acrylic yarn, washing the item in hot water may be enough to relax the yarn make the item look good .If you are using natural fibres you may need to pin or pull the item into shape and then let it dry. Once the item is dry you can sew up any seams. When you progress to working lace this is especially important, as this process opens out the lacework to show its full beauty.

Moving on

Once you are confident in your ability to work in miniature, then you should be able to work anything in miniature which you are already able to do in human size. Or perhaps try working with ever finer hooks and needles to create your own heirlooms of the future. Just remember if you have never tried the technique in human size, you may not be able to cope with attempting to do this in miniature first.

This article was originally published in The Dolls House Magazine issue 225