How to make a bundle of letters tied with ribbon

miniature letters
© F H Powell 2017

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Materials required:
Paper to print letters, scissors, paper glue, 15 cm/6-inch piece 2mm silk ribbon to tie around letters.

miniature letters
© F H Powell 2017

Instructions for making letters

1. Print out letters from photo above.
2. Cut round envelopes.
3. Fold in side flaps.
4. Fold up bottom flap and glue along edges of bottom flap where it will touch side flaps, insert pointed end of scissors carefully into corner and run gently along base of envelope to stop flaps from sticking to the inside of the envelope.
5. Leave to dry.
6. Cut a small piece of paper to resemble a letter and fold so that it will fit into envelope. Unfold and put to one side.
7. Fold down top flap of envelope, tear along fold, so the flap is separate. Glue along side edges of top flap to stick down onto envelope to resemble an opened letter.
8. Let glue dry thoroughly.
9. Place ‘letter’ inside envelope

To tie Bundle of letters together
1. Take four letters and stack them in a pile, so that the two outside letters have the address side facing outwards.
2. If you wish you can use a small dab of glue on the centre of each letter to keep the letters in place. Make sure the glue does not seep to the edge of the letter.
3. Take the silk ribbon and tie round the bundle. Knot this before you try and tie a bow, as this will make life easier for you.
4. Tie bow and pull up tightly. When you are happy with the size of the bow trim the ends.

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