miniature confetti
© F H Powell 2014

The English word confetti comes from the Italian word which describes sweets (candy) given to guests at weddings. Modern paper confetti dates from the last decade of the 19th century. Prior to paper rice or rose petal were used.

The tradition of throwing confetti probably goes back to pagan fertility rites where petals were seen as a connection to nature. By this the throwers were conferring good luck and fertility on the couple.

But today it is not just the wedding ceremony that sees the use of confetti as a means of celebration. Many sporting events see confetti showers on a hugh scale as special cannon fire the paper into the air. Also, where would the game show be when the star prize is won without the confetti celebration?!

For your dolls house we suggest you stick to the lower key wedding or celebration scene that can be enhanced with 1:12th scale confetti in a box (ready made or kit) was available from our web shop.