Oversized knitting for the dolls house and a new pattern

miniature knitted bedding
© F H Powell 2018

We’ve recently noticed an increasing popularity in human sized knitted chunky style garments and household items. Which set us thinking of how we could miniaturise these chunky fashion items to dolls house size.

One of the issues we find is that people who are adept at knitting in full size fear the smaller needles and yarns required by the smaller scales. So we decided to approach the problem from the opposite end. Instead of miniaturising chunky knitting to smaller scales, could full size knitting techniques be easily adapted to miniature work?

And that is what we have done. We have now started designing a series of patterns that can be knitted on commonly available needles and oddments of yarn, which would look right in a 1:12th scale setting. The first of these patterns can be found below and is aimed at beginner level ability. By beginners we not only mean as a starting point for adults, but as an exciting introduction to juniors who might want to produce items themselves for their own dolls house. Following on will be patterns for intermediate and advanced knitters that will adapt more complex full sized modern ‘chunky’ designs for 1:12th scale settings.

We hope you’ll agree once you see our ideas that this is an interesting and unique way of bridging the gap between full sized chunky knitting and 1:12th scale miniatures.


1:12th scale modern bedroom set

This set is inspired by the modern trend for really oversized knitted items and comprises – two cushions, floor rug, throw and foot runner for the bed.

This pattern is designed not just for beginners and new knitters, but also for people who want to make items true to scale for a dolls house, but do not have the eyesight or would prefer not to use the tiny needles and very thin yarn. Thankfully today’s modern trend for oversized knitting comes to the rescue.

The pattern contains no shaping and stitches are kept very simple, so would also suit a child learning to knit ad maybe encourage these younger people to become interested in dolls houses and miniatures.

miniature knitted bedding
© F H Powell 2018

Materials required: One pair size 5.00 mm/US size 8 knitting needles, 50 g ball Aran yarn, small amount of stuffing.

Approximate finished sizes:
Throw –
14 cm/5½-inches square
Cushions – 5 cm/2-inches square
Foot runner – 15 cm/6-inches by 5 cm/2-inches
Floor rug – 10 cm/4-inches by 7.5 cm/3-inches

Ability Level: Beginner

NOTE: Although gauge is given this is really not important for this project, it is more important that the finished items drape well and are not too stiff.

Pattern price £1.25 (NOTE: EU VAT or other digital taxes will be added to price where applicable)


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