Advent Calendar 2019 – coming soon – part 2

© F H Powell 2019

At the end of last year we posted a blog that included a section on how the annual Advent calendar is conceived, designed, written and published. We said, ‘By the beginning of November panic starts to set in as the deadline draws closer and the photographs of the various stages of the project are taken!’

Well, that time has arrived and true to form the panic is well and truly underway! As in previous years various ideas were considered over the summer, until it was decided to offer a knitting pattern that will use lace knitting.

If you don’t wish to tackle a lace project, a plain knitted item will also be included, which will work as a stand alone item for knitters who are short of time or who would prefer something more simple. The pattern for the plain knitted item will be posted during the first few days of the Advent Calendar, thus allowing busy people and less experienced knitters to take their time and work a few rows of this each day and still feel they are taking part in the Advent Calendar. The lace parts will follow on from the plain knitting and add to the plain knitted item, so hopefully, there will be something for everyone in this years Advent project.

For those wishing to join us this year, yarn and needle requirements will follow next week.