Project to make miniature seed trays

miniature seed tray
© F H Powell 2012

Another little project for you to make whilst we are all at home. Stay at home, protect the NHS, save lives!
All the materials required should be readily available around the house, if you don’t have wooden lolly sticks, then you can substitute thin cardboard and paint it if necessary.

The project is to make the seed tray, with newspaper underneath and seed packets. Instructions are given for both 1:12th scale and 1:6th scale (Barbie size). Please note the photo above shows 1:12th scale seed tray.

Click on the link below for instruction sheet in the correct size and print it:

Buttercup Miniatures 1-12th scale Seed trays project
Buttercup Miniatures 1-6th scale Seed trays project

Please note this is for personal use only.