Knitted Striped Slip Rug in 1:24th scale

pattern for dolls accessories
© F H Powell 2011

(The knitted slip rug is shown shown under the dog)

Abbreviations: st-stitch; k-knit; sl 1-slip next stitch from one needle to the other without working it; psso-pass slipped stitch over stitch just worked.

Materials required: size 22 needles, No 80 crochet cotton or Tatting thread No. 70 (random dyed works better than plain dyed).

To work:
Cast on 31 sts.
Row 1: sl 1, k to end.
Rep row 1 until work measures 2½-inches (6 cm).
Cast off.

Cut several 2-inch (5 cm) lengths of yarn, taking three strands of yarn at a time, knot these through the two short ends of the rug. Trim the ends when all strands have been knotted.

The rug can be pressed if required.

© Copyright F H Powell 2008

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