Knitted dishcloth or cleaning cloth

miniature knitting

1/12th scale dishcloths: Version 1, 2 and 3 from left to right

This can be knitted in either 1:12th scale or 1:24th scale; the important thing is to use COTTON yarn as this holds it shape when it dries.

Please note: Versions 1 and 2 will not be square when knitted as square cloths have too much bulk when scrunched up and do not drape well over taps. If you want a square cloth then the dishcloth can be dampened and stretched into a square shape.

Materials required:
1/12th scale: 1 pair size 19 (1 mm/US size 5/0), 5 metres 1-ply cotton yarn
1/24th scale: 1 pair size 22 (0.70 mm/ US size 6/0) 5 metres No. 70 tatting thread or No 80 crochet cotton
Note: For Version 3 only, small amount red sewing cotton.

Abbreviations: st – stitch; k – knit; p – purl; ( ) – repeat instructions as detailed in text; sst – stocking [stockinette] stitch = one row knit, one row purl.

Version 1
Cast on 15 sts.
Rows 1-5: k
Rows 5-10: k 5, (p 1, k 1) twice, p 1, k 5
Rows 11-15: k
Cast off.

Version 2
Cast on 15 sts
Rows 1-15: k
Cast off

Version 3
Cast on 28 sts
Rows 1-16: sst
Cast off.
With wrong side facing fold in half so edges of rows are together, sew up side seam. Turn right side out and sew two ends together with red thread using blanket stitch to bind the ends together.

Displaying your dishcloths

To dirty the dishcloth
If you wish your dishcloth to look grubby and well used simply colour with clay, children’s watercolour paints or chalk, this is best done after the dishcloth has been dampened or the colours may wash out. If you use too much colour simply rinse in cold water to remove excess.

miniature knitting
Cloths displayed on miniature bath

To shape the dishcloth
The dishcloth can of course be folded neatly and put ready for use, but if you wish to give the impression the dishcloth has actually been used in your dolls house then follow these simple instructions:

1. To drape over a bath or bowl
First wet the cloth. The wet dishcloth can either be draped over a bath, basin or washing up bowl and pulled into shape and then left to dry (protect any wooden or delicate furniture by covering it in plastic wrap first). Once dry the dishcloth will hold its shape.
2. To leave on the side of a counter or bath
First wet the cloth, then wring it out, do not untwist the dishcloth but arrange it on a plastic pot lid or plate, so as it looks as if it has been wrung out and placed on the side after use. Leave it to dry completely before placing in the dolls house. If you are not satisfied with the end result then simply wet the cloth again and rearrange. The cloth will hold its shape until it is wet again.


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