New to miniature knitting?

miniature basket with knitting
© F H Powell 2008

There are several things which you can do to make miniature knitting easier and more enjoyable.

– Get accustomed to the small size of the knitting needles, by using any size of yarn to knit rows of garter stitch (every row knit), until the knitting needles feel comfortable in your hands. When the needles feel comfortable then move on to the thin yarn as well.

– Start with a simple pattern, even if you are an experienced knitter.
Why not try one of our free miniature knitting patterns on our Ravelry store or on this site? All the patterns we design are marked if they are an Intermediate or Experienced make, bear in mind this means intermediate or experienced at miniature knitting. We also have graded knitting kits that contain everything to get you started on various types of knitting.

– A rubber thimble, worn on the finger which the needle stabs into, often helps until you become accustomed to the small, fine needles. If you use a rubber thimble with ‘bobbles’ on it turn the thimble inside out first so that the yarn does not get caught up in the ‘bobbles’.

– Some beginners find it easier to use 1-ply acrylic wool to start with and then move to the 1-ply pure wool

– Remember if you wash the item you have knitted it may lose its shape and also the mothproofing if you are using the pure wool we sell.