How do I pick up a dropped stitch in miniature knitting?

miniature knitting
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This is a question we are often asked by knitters of all abilities, when first working in such a small scale.

We have a few answers which may help:

– If you drop a stitch it is often easier to start afresh than to try and pick up the stitch, especially if you are working on a pattern or with more than one colour or working a lace pattern.

– If you are knitting with light coloured wool, drop a stitch and pick it up, you can often see where the stitch has been picked up in the finished knitting. This is not so apparent in darker coloured knitting.

– A stitch may be picked up (a magnifying glass will aid this task), but be careful not to pull on the stitches on either side of the dropped stitch, as this will always show in miniature work.

– The easiest way to pick up a dropped stitch is to use a fine crochet hook, but be very careful as you do this not to pull on stitches either side of the dropped stitch. Remember when picking up a dropped stitch using a crochet hook, do take care not to twist the stitches as you pick them up.

– Trying to unpick the work a few rows to ‘collect’ the dropped stitch may work in some cases, but beware if you are knitting with light coloured wool, as the reworked part may become dirty looking with the extra handling it receives.

If any readers have tips on this subject do please let us know.