Knitting in the round – part 5

miniature knitting

Hat and Scarf Set (1/12th scale)
This will fit either an adult or child doll.

The hat is worked on 4 double-ended needles.
If you are not used to working in rib start on the scarf to get used to the pattern
If you use double ended knitting needles to make the scarf you may wish to place elastic bands or point protectors on the ends that are not in use to stop the stitches sliding off.

Abbreviations: st – stitch; k – knit; p – purl; ( ) – repeat instructions between brackets as detailed in text; k2togtbl – knit the next 2 stitches together through the backs of the loops to make one stitch; p2tog – purl next 2 stitches together to form one stitch

Materials required:
Hat – set of 4 double-ended size 19 (1.00 mm/US size 5/0), 28 yards/25 metres 1-ply wool or cotton, optional – small amount 1-ply wool in contrast colour for bobble.
Scarf – pair of size 19 (1.00 mm/US size 5/0), 15 yards/13 metres 1-ply wool or cotton.

Scarf (make 1)
Cast on 12 sts.
Row 1: (k 1, p 1) to end
Repeat row 1 until scarf measure approximately 5-inches/13 cm or required length.
Cast off.
Sew in all loose ends.

Hat (make 1)
Using the thumb method and a set of 4 needles, cast on 48 sts ( then divide sts so there are 16 sts on each of three needles).
Making sure the cast on stitches are not twisted on the needles, make the needles into a triangular shape and use the 4th needle to work the stitches on the 1st needle. Leave the end of the cast on wool hanging, as this will mark the start of each round.
Work each round (all the stitches on the 3 needles) as follows:
Round 1: (k 1, p 1) to end of round.
At the end of the round you immediately start the next round by repeating round 1.
Repeat round 1 until the work measures 1-inch/2.5 cm from cast on edge, finishing at the end of a round.
Next round: (k2togtbl, p2tog) to end of round. (24 sts)
Next round: (k 1, p 1) to end of round
Next round: (k2togtbl, p2tog) to end of round. (12 sts)
Break yarn, thread it through remaining stitches and draw up. Sew in loose ends. Turn hat right side out.

To make bobble
Cast on 3 sts.
Row 1: k
Row 2: inc in 1st st, k 1, inc in last st. (5 sts)
Row 3: k
Row 4: inc in 1st st, k 3, inc in last st. (7 sts)
Rows 5-7: k
Row 8: k2tog, k 3, k2tog. (5 sts)
Row 9: k
Row 10: k2tog, k 1, k2tog. (3 sts)
Row 11: k
Cast off.

To make up

Leave a 6-inch/18cm long length of thread when you cut yarn. Sew a line of running stitches around edge of circle and pull up to form a ball, sew in place, place a wisp of yarn inside pompom and sew pompom to form a ball, sew pompom securely to top of hat.
Turn up brim (of hat to about ¼-inch/0.5 cm)
Do not press or this will flatten pattern

© Copyright Frances H. Powell 2011
All rights reserved. This pattern is for private use only and may not be reproduced in any form, or reproduced for commercial gain including selling any item knitted up from these patterns without written permission from Buttercup Miniatures. Reproducing or transmitting this pattern by any means for any purpose other than for personal use constitutes a violation of copyright law.

For scale information: the UK Penny coin used on the photos is just slightly larger than a US Cent coin. The actual diameter is ¾-inch or 2 cm. The UK penny coin sits just inside a European (Euro) 5c coin.