1:12th scale Knitted Tea Cosy c. 1965

miniature knitting
© F H Powell 2011

Abbreviations: st – stitch; k – knit; ( ) – repeat instructions between brackets as detailed in text; yfwd – yarn forward over needle to make a stitch; tog – together; sl 1 – slip next stitch from one needle to the other without working it.

Materials required: size 18 (1.2 mm/US size 4/0) knitting needles, 25 metres/28 yards 1-ply wool or oddments in assorted colours. Small piece of felt to line tea cosy.

Approximate finished size: 1-inch/2 cm tall by 1½-inches/4 cm wide

Cast on 16 sts.
Foundation row: k 2 (yfwd, sl 1 purl wise, k 1) to end.
Row 1: (k 2, slip loop of previous row purlwise) to last 2 sts, k 2.
Row 2: k 1, (yfwd, sl 1 purlwise, k loop and following stitch tog) to last st, k 1.
Row 3: k 3, slip loop of previous row purlwise, (k 2, slip loop of previous row purlwise) to last st, k 1.
Row 4: k 1, (k loop and following st tog, yfwd, sl 1 purlwise) to last st, k 1.
Rows 5-68: rep rows 1-4
Cast off – knitting loop and following st tog.

To make up:
Sew in all loose ends. Do not press, as this will flatten pattern.
With right sides together fold knitting in half lengthwise. Sew up side seams.
Turn right side out and poke in top corners to shape tea cosy, over sew these in place. Fold a piece of felt in half, position tea cosy on the fold with the top of the tea cosy on the fold line. Cut a piece of felt the same size and shape as the tea cosy. Sew up side seams. Do not turn right side out. Position lining inside tea cosy and over sew along base of tea cosy to secure.

© Copyright Frances H. Powell 2011
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