Tension and sizing in miniature knitting

miniature knitting
© F H Powell 2013

– We do not give a tension square on our patterns, as items will generally work out at approximately the right size. Remember clothes and dolls come in all sizes and not a ‘standard’ size.

– Practice will make a difference, as you become used to the small needles and yarns your knitting tension will improve. Remember you may have to relearn knitting techniques to enable you to knit in miniature and this does not happen instantly.

– If you know that you are a loose/tight knitter use a size smaller/larger knitting needle accordingly. Using a size larger or a size smaller knitting needle than that specified in the pattern will generally give an overall increase or decrease of ¼-inch (0.35 cm) on the item you are knitting.

– Wool will give a tighter fit as the yarn is more springy

– Acrylic yarn and some cotton yarns tend to make the garments a little larger over all as there is no natural ‘springiness’ as there is with wool. This is especially true of garments knitted using two or more colours. Tools and wools are as important as the time and care you will devote to the garment.

– Remember some real size clothes are not always a perfect fit and miniature figures like humans come in all shapes and sizes!