Working in more than one colour

miniature knitting
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2007[/caption] Above: Example of multicolour knitting in 1:12th scale

– When working in two or more colours do not pull the yarn too tight when carrying it across the back of the work (unless the pattern says to do this as in the case of a tea cosy.)

– When working in more than one colour it is easier to place the balls of yarn in separate plastic bags (grip seal bags are easiest to use as the yarn can be gripped so it does not unravel too fast). Yarn can also be wound onto individual bobbins.

– If the yarn does become tangled, stop and untangle it at the end of every row.

– When working in more than one colour carry yarn not in use across back and up sides of the work to avoid a too many loose ends that need to be sewn in. This causes bulk when the garment is completed.

– Remember some patterns have different numbers of stitches and rows on the front and back; this is most common when a plain back is used with a patterned front.

– It is not possible to knit patterns designed for two or more colours using a single colour as the number of stitches will be too great therefore the finished garment will be much too big.

1:12th scale two colour knitting on 1/12th scale knitting needles:

miniature knitting
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