Making up miniature garments

miniature knitting
© F H Powell 2007

– When sewing a miniature garment together it is best to use over sewing on areas of rib or moss stitch and a flat seam (using a running or back stitch) on areas of stocking stitch.

– Keep seams as narrow as possible to avoid bulk.

– Take care to ‘catch’ in all areas of cast off stitching, especially at the shoulders.

– When setting in sleeves and sewing up side seams avoid finishing off all the stitching in the same place (i.e. at underarm seams), as this will add too much bulk.

– When placing sleeves onto an unshaped side seam make sure the sleeves start and end the same distance from the shoulder seam. Also make sure both sleeves start at the same height from the lower edge of the garment. Pins will help keep the sleeve in place whilst you sew up the seams.

– When using several colours weave the loose ends in across the back of the stitches rather than sew loose ends into the side or sleeve seams, as this again will add bulk in these areas.