Horseshoes and weddings

pattern for crochet horseshoes
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The luck of the horseshoe has a number of possible sources. The most commonly accepted is that which involves Saint Dunstan (909-988 AD), a blacksmith who became Archbishop of Canterbury. The Devil told Dunstan to make shoes for him. Once they were complete Dunstan pushed the hot metal against the Devils feet and he cried out in pain. The Devil cried ‘take them off!’ but the blacksmith made the Devil promise first that wherever there was a horseshoe above a door the Devil would not enter. Additionally, horseshoes were originally made of iron, which was believed to ward off evil spirits, and were held in place with seven nails, seven traditionally being a lucky number.

It is customary to give a lucky horseshoe to brides to bring good luck to the marriage. Although iron horseshoes can be given, an ornate satin or lace decorative horseshoe is more common. Again there is the element of luck associated with the horseshoe, but here it is also related to the Greek belief that the crescent moon, and its horseshoe shape, was a sign of fertility.

Popular throughout the world, a knitted or crocheted wedding horseshoe makes a welcome and personal gift for any bride. We have patterns for both knitted and crocheted wedding horseshoes, which you can make for a special friend or relatives wedding and even a miniature crochet version which you can make for a dolls house bride.

Available patterns are:

Full size (not miniature)
Knitted wedding horseshoe and garter

knitted wedding horseshoes
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Crochet horseshoes
pattern for crochet horseshoes
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1:12th scale for dolls houses
1:12th scale wedding favours

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