Transferring stitches back to needle from a stitch holder

transferring stitches
© F H Powell 2016

In order to make the stitches the right way round and ready for knitting after transfer, always move the stitches from the stitch holder to the needle as if you are purling them.

You will need to have the wrong side of the work facing you to do this, as shown in the photo above. When the stitches have been transferred, turn the work and knit across the stitches as detailed in the pattern.

When working with a yoke, after knitting across the stitches for the first sleeve, which are usually already on the left hand needle, it may be easier to transfer the stitches for the front to the (now empty) left hand needle and knit across these, before transferring the stitches for the next sleeve and then the back. This way you make sure the pieces are knitted in the correct order and are the correct way round.