Baby bonnet for a 1:12th scale doll

© F H Powell 2016

Abbreviations: st-stitch; k-knit; p-purl; gst-garter stitch (every row k); m 3-make three sts by working k 1, p 1, k 1 into next st; k2tog-knit next 2 sts together to make 1 stitch; p2tog-purl next 2 sts together to make 1 stitch; p3tog-purl next 3 sts together to make 1 stitch; ( )-repeat instructions between brackets; rep-repeat; sst-stocking (stockinette) stitch (one row k, one row p); inc-increase by working twice into next st to make 2 sts.

Materials required: 15 m 1-ply wool or cotton, size 20 (0.9 mm) knitting needles (US size 5/0), 6 inches/18 cm of thin ribbon for ties.
(Note: For a Heidi Ott or very small baby doll use size 22 (0.7 mm) needles (US size 6/0), to give a more open lacy effect use DMC 80 or Turkish thread No 70)

Cast on 30 sts.
Row 1: (k 1, p 1) to end.
Row 2: k 1, p 28, k 1
Row 3: k 1, (m 3, p3tog) to last st, k 1
Row 4: k 1, p 28, k 1
Row 5: k 1, (p3tog, m 3) to last st, k 1
Row 6: k 1, p 28, k 1
Row 7: k 1, (m 3, p3tog) to last st, k 1
These 7 rows turn back to form the brim.
Rows 8-10: (k 1, p 1) to end
Row 11: k
Row 12: p
Rows 13-20: sst
Row 21: cast off 10 sts, k 9, cast off 10 sts.
Rejoin wool to 10 sts left on needle:
Row 22: p
Rows 23-32: sst
Row 32: k2tog, k 6, k2tog (8 sts)
Row 34: p
Leave remaining 8 sts on a stitch holder.

To make up:
Fold rows 1-7 back over rib so that bobble pattern is on the outside. Sew in place. With wrong sides together join two back seams. Turn right side out. With right side facing and starting at front edge of bonnet, pick up and knit 8 sts from side of bonnet, 8 sts from stitch holder at back, and 8 sts from other side of bonnet. (24 sts)
Work as follows:
Rows 1-2: (k 1, p 1) to end.
Cast off in rib.

To make up bonnet:
Sew in all loose ends. Cut ribbon length in half and sew one piece of ribbon to each front edge of bonnet.

© Copyright F. H. Powell 2005
This pattern is for private use only and may not be reproduced in any form, or reproduced for commercial gain including selling any item knitted up from these patterns without written permission from Buttercup Miniatures. Reproducing or transmitting this pattern by any means for any purpose other than for personal use constitutes a violation of copyright law.