Pattern for a 1:12th scale simple baby shawl

miniature knitting
© F H Powell 2018

This pattern was originally sold as part of a knitting kit on our web shop.

Materials required: 1.00 mm/UK size 19/US size 00000 knitting needles, 50 metres 1-ply wool or No 20 crochet thread (NOTE: if you increase the size of the shawl you will also need to increase the amount of yarn)

Finished size: This makes a shawl approximately 3½ inches (9 cm square).
If a larger shawl is required increase the number of sts on the needles in blocks of 4. If you require the shawl to remain square also increase the number of rows in blocks of 4 – in the ratio of 1 block of 4 rows for every block of 4 sts added.

Abbreviations: st – stitch; k – knit; p – purl; gst – garter stitch (every row knit); ( ) – repeat instructions between brackets; rep – repeat.

Cast on 58 sts
Work 6 rows gst
Change to pattern:
Row 1: k 3, (k 2, p 2) to last 3 sts, k 3.
Row 2: k 3, (p 2, k 2) to last 3 sts, k 3.
Row 3: k 3, (k 2, p 2) to last 3 sts, k 3.
Row 4: k 3, (k 2, p 2) to last 3 sts, k 3.
Rows 5-76: rep rows 1-4 eighteen times
Row 77: k 3, (k 2, p 2) to last 3 sts, k 3.
Work 6 rows gst.
Cast off.

To finish:
Sew in all loose ends and block if required, but DO NOT press, as this will flatten the pattern.

NOTE: This pattern can be adapted to make a cot blanket by working more blocks of rows 1-4 until the blanket is the desired length. To adapt for a bed blanket see note above on increasing size.

© F H Powell 2018
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