General hints and tips for miniature knitting and crochet

– When dressing a doll in a knitted garment it is easier if you wrap the doll’s hands in cling film/shrink wrap plastic to stop fingers snagging in the stitches and causing stitches to pull.

– Different yarns drape differently-for example if a garment is to be draped over a chair, then a better result will be achieved using cotton.

– When knitting in a dark colour place a white cloth on your lap to give a contrast against the stitches. The reverse helps if you are knitting with a light colour yarn.

– Work in daylight where possible or use a daylight bulb in your lamp. This will cause less strain to your eyes.

– If you are having difficulty working out how a pattern works and what it should look like (for example a lace pattern) try knitting a sample piece of the pattern in full size first.

– Knitting and crochet terms vary between countries (even English speaking ones!). If you are having difficulty understanding the knitting terms used in our patterns please contact us.

– The way we knit also varies considerably between countries, which may affect the way a pattern turns out.