1:12th scale knitting patterns for the Victorian dolls house – Part 1

Knitting in Victorian times was usually done using very fine needles and very fine yarns, in other words the SAME materials which we use today for miniature knitting. This makes the designing of knitting patterns suitable for display in a Victorian dolls house quite a challenge, as not many items look right when miniaturised. That said, certain types of knitted items can still be displayed in a miniature setting. Items such as shawls, bed covers, curtains, shelf edgings, underwear and even some baby clothes can all find a place in the dolls house. We have therefore designed patterns for a few of these less intricate items.

Part 1- Household items

The following patterns are available to buy as instantly downloadable PDFs on our Ravelry store (click the pattern name for more details and photos):

FP 114 1:12th scale lace shelf edgings and runner £1.25

pattern for dolls house furnishings
© F H Powell 2009

FP 106 1:12th scale Apricot Leaf bedpspread £2.75

pattern for bedspread
© F H Powell 2011

FP 107 1:12th scale Apricot Leaf curtains set £2.75

miniature knitting
© F H Powell 2011

This curtain set matches the bedcover shown above.