1:12th scale knitting patterns for the Victorian dolls house – Part 2

Knitting patterns as we know them today were uncommon in Victorian times, although towards the latter part of the 19th Century Women’s magazines did sometimes have a small pattern. During Victorian times it was also difficult to obtain wool for knitting, and often very fine embroidery or tapestry wools were used, there was nothing like the variety of yarns we have today. Knitting needles were not commercially made until the very end of the Victorian era, so often the only source of knitting needles was the village blacksmith, who would cut wires to length. Colours of wool were limited, the most often used being black and white, however pink was popular for ladies underwear.

Patterns existed for socks, underwear, sleeves (to keep arms warm), shawls and some baby clothes. Larger items of clothing were uncommon apart from the working mens ganseys, such as fishing ganseys. These patterns were rarely written down and regional variations developed as patterns were passed on through generations.

We do have a pattern for 1:12th scale Ladies Victorian Underwear c. 1880’s

Pattern for dolls Victorian drawers
© F H Powell 2014

We also have a pattern for a 1:12th scale baby bib and bonnet, knitted in traditional Victorian fashion, although the construction may seem a little strange to our way of working today.
Pattern for dolls bib
© F H Powell 2014

Shawls were commonly worn during this era and we have a pattern for three 1:12th scale Ladies shawls, including a Shetland lace shawl (made popular by Queen Victoria)

pattern for dolls shawl
© F H Powell 2014