Small Round Mats in 1:12th scale

miniature crochet
© F H Powell 2007

UK Terms are used throughout

(These measure approx. 1/2-inch (1.25 cm) diameter)

ch-chain; dc- double crochet; tr-treble crochet; htr half treble crochet; st- stitch; sl-slip; ( ) or [ ] repeat instructions between brackets.; sp-space.
dc=single crochet, tr=double crochet; htr=half double crochet

Materials required: 0.60 mm (US size 14) crochet hook, DMC 100 crochet thread or good quality sewing thread.

Round 1: 4 ch [1st tr, 1 ch], 11 tr into 4th ch from hook.
Round 2: 4 ch [1st tr, 1 ch], (1 tr into next tr, 1 ch) eleven times, join with a sl st to top of 1st tr.
Round 3: sl st to 1st ch sp, 4 ch [1st dc, 3 ch], (1 dc into next ch sp, 3 ch) eleven times.
Join with a sl st to top of 1st dc.

Fasten off and sew in all loose ends.

Copyright F. H. Powell 2004
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