Wedding Traditions – Picking the right day

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© F H Powell 2016

Choosing a wedding celebration is a demanding task. There is so much to consider. The month of the wedding may be influenced solely by time constraints around getting leave from work, not forgetting trying to pick a good weather slot. But there is also much tradition surrounding the timing of a wedding. The timing of the wedding it was believed could have an influence on the outcome and longevity of the marriage.

There are a number of poems which give guidance on when to marry, sadly they don’t all agree!

January tends to err on the favourable side with promise of a good housekeeper and a man who is kind and true. But make the most of it as ‘widowed you’ll be before your prime’ forewarns another.

By February the chances of a long happy marriage improve, promising an affectionate wife and an harmonious relationship.

March seems to be a month to be avoided. It seems the turbulent weather foretells joy and sorrow, a quarrelsome wife and life on distant shores.

The less tempestuous weather of April predicts a similar marriage. The wife will be forceful but well meaning and though largely trouble free there will be some ups and downs along the way.

Now, May is a tricky month. On the one hand the blossom predicts a pretty, agreeable wife but equally ‘marry in the month of May, and you’ll surely rue the day.’

June seems to find favour with most traditions. The blossoming of the rose indicates a generous wife and life will be one long honeymoon.

For those who pick July there are mixed fortunes. The wife may be a little quick tempered, and in later years the relationship may struggle.

As the year reaches the three quarters stage an August wedding looks promising. A practicable bride can expect a lover and friend in her man.

September, according to tradition, is the month to go for. The bride will be affable and well liked and the marriage will be serene, rich and fine.

If you missed out on September, October is one to be missed. A jealous bride will have to endure hardship as riches tarry. She will however be loving and pretty, just as well that you can’t buy happiness, as money will be in short supply for October brides.

A November bride, like the weather, can be cold but kindly. But life will bring good fortune and joy. A complete opposite to the previous month it seems as far as wealth is concerned.

Finally, for the last month of the year, December predicts true love will last and improve from year to year. If you are the groom however, remember a December bride may be entertaining, but extravagant.

miniature doll
© F H Powell 2016

So having negotiated the traditions surrounding the month of the year to choose the next step is the day of the week. Again in modern times this is somewhat decreed by life’s commitments, but if you have a choice the traditions may help to guide you. As an old folk rhyme says;

“Marry on Monday for health,
Tuesday for wealth,
Wednesday the best day of all,
Thursday for crosses,
Friday for losses,
and Saturday for no luck at all.”

So, it looks like a Wednesday in September is the best choice. As for the rest of us we’ll just have to make the best of it.

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© F H Powell 2016