Knitting and crochet pattern design service

miniature knitting
© F H Powell 2009
miniature monkey toy
© F H Powell 2017

Many people have found they are unable to locate knitting and crochet patterns for items they want to make for their dolls houses, we may be able to help.

If you are unable to locate a 1:12th or 1:24th scale pattern that suits your requirements please contact us. There is no extra charge for this service (unless the pattern is not likely to be suitable for offering to other customers-see below), but time must be allowed for the design to be prepared, knitted up and photographed for the pattern. All our patterns are for items, which would originally have been knitted or crocheted. We have used a little leeway to include jersey items such as track suits, trousers and nightwear. We aim to miniaturise real items and will only include items that look right in 1:12th scale and 1:24th scale. We do not design ‘dolls clothes’ such as crocheted ball gowns, which would never have originally existed.

Please remember that some patterns will not adapt well to 1:12th or 1:24th scale and it may not be possible to design a pattern.
For example there are certain restrictions to designing patterns in 1:24th scale such as:
1. Only a small number of stitches can be used, which makes children’s and baby clothes extremely difficult to design effectively.
2. There are not many dolls available in this scale that can be easily dressed in miniature knitting or crochet. As the garments are so tiny there is very little room to manoeuvre arms and legs into the garments. Sewing garments up on the doll does not always work with knitting and crochet, as stitches often need to be picked up for neckbands, etc.
3. Some items do not adapt well to this small scale and the stitches look too large, this is particularly the case with crochet work, where gaps between stitches would be several inches/cms in real size. We do not currently offer crochet patterns for dolls clothing at this time because of this problem.

NOTE: If a pattern is required that would not meet these criteria, then a charge will be made for time taken to design the pattern. This will be considerably more than the cost of the pattern due to the time it takes to design and check patterns.

New patterns are added to the range throughout the year and ideas for new patterns are always welcomed.

These photos below (and those at the top of this article) are some of the patterns designed following customer requests:

dolls house accessory
© F H Powell 2010
miniature dolls
© F H Powell 2009

This crochet bath mat set was also designed after a customers request:

miniature crochet
© F H Powell 2010

All patterns will be in digital format and are NOT available as prnted paper patterns.